Sofa Cleaning Service

Sofa cleaning service should not be involved only when there are stains all over the pillows set. Regular sofa cleaning is essential to ensure dust and dirt particles accumulated within the sofa are removed regularly. Colors that are treated promptly are usually easier to remove related to older brands.

Dirty sofa sets are not only repulsive; they can also be a health danger if embedded dirt particles and dust caught within the upholstery are kept to accumulate for a long period. Food bits, body grease, dust, dirt particles, and microorganisms are the commonly found soil components trapped within the upholstery. These dirt bits may cause permanent stain marks on the sofa without regular maintenance and cause indoor air pollution.

To hold your sofas hygienic, it is essential to keep them clean and dust-free. To make this tedious job easier, Cleaning Expert Dhaka is here with the best and the efficient sofa cleaning services.

By availing our sofa cleaning services, you can keep your sofas as new as ever. In fact, with timely cleanliness, your sofas can look better. Cleaning Expert Dhaka is equipped will all the latest technologies and equipment at par with international standards. We use the latest machines and advanced tools to provide an effective cleaning treatment to your expensive sofa through our sofa cleaning services. You can contact us to avail of our sofa cleaning services to revive your sofa’s look and appearance and make it free of dirt and germs.

Cleaning Expert Dhaka presents a couch and sofa cleaning service in Dhaka and other parts of Bangladesh. Sofa includes fungus, bacteria as well as viruses from dust and discoloration. Therefore, your sofa should be cleaned twice a year to keep your house healthy. We also clean, sanitize, and remove all spots from your couch, making it sharp and fresh as new. Even more, our team will consider every process and procedure, proper equipment, and elements according to the kind of substance or material. Finally, the team will monitor and evaluate every aspect to maintain the same quality of sofa or carpet after the cleaning through the cleaning process.

There are particular services we offer:

  • Sofa Hot water extraction
  • Sofa Dry-cleaning
  • Sofa Encapsulation
  • Sofa Bonnet
  • Careful cleaning inspection
  • Association of weaves is used in your sofa
  • Review of pre-existing adjustment of your sofa and covered items
  • Sofa fabric experiment for adaptability
  • Completely vacuuming
  • Research and customer record once the process has been completed.

Cost of Sofa Cleaning Services

  • Sofa cleaning service per seat: 300tk (Minimum 5 seat):1500tk