Kitchen Deep Cleaning Service

All kitchens will get dirty and oily, and over time grease and dirt will build up in hard-to-reach rooms that are hard to remove (causing blockages) and improve on the surfaces. We can give you a full deep-cleaning service to all your kitchen equipment, leaving it looking like new and, most importantly, hygienically fresh. Daily cleaning routines can help sustain an adequate level of hygiene. However, on less accessible covers such as partitions, ceilings, lights, equipment, and kitchen fittings, the gradual accumulation of grease and fat can breed bacteria. Kitchen Deep Cleaning service provides and maintains a high type of kitchen hygiene through proper and regular cleaning. Burnt on carbon and fat residues are removed, ensuring any potentially harmful bacteria are reduced. Our trained specialists ensure floors, walls, ceilings, lights, and all kitchen instruments and equipment are thoroughly cleaned. This procedure also helps to increase the life of your precious kitchen accessories. A deep clean is more than just suitable for legitimacy; it also increases the life and efficiency of the descent fans and your equipment, providing economic spending over time. Our deep cleans also cover all ceilings, walls, floors, and surfaces left in a hygienic and dry state, so they are instantly ready to use. A better manipulation environment is created, improving staff spirit, and reducing their workload. And a daily cleaning system will also maintain the durability of your kitchen equipment.

There are particular services we offer:

The cleaning and sanitizing of windows, ceiling fans, exhaust fans, switchboards, doors, door handles, gas knobs, burners, chimney hoods, kitchen apparatuses, storage cabinets, and all stainless steel, and chrome instrument, etc.
Washing, wiping, and cleaning of the tiles and floor.
Transference of spots and fat from all surfaces.
Removing and re-arranging of the conveniences in the cabinets
Spotless inside and outside your microwave
Clean cooktops
Cost of Kitchen Cleaning Services

Kitchen deep cleaning service with hood: 2000 tk
Kitchen deep cleaning service without hood: 1500 tk