Full Home Deep Cleaning Services Design for You

Excellence washing means paying consideration to detail. We’ve put unitedly an expert team of cleaners who are encouraged to provide the best potential cleaning services for your home. 

Our cleaners are careful, attentive, and go above and behind to ensure the tough jobs are done right. Whether you or a loved one requires help with source cleaning, organizing, downsizing, or wanting weekly cleaning services, we’re ready to provide exceptional care and expert cleaning services.

Deep cleaning is a requirement for your home.

Many people think that choosing a deep cleaning service is an unnecessary expense. You may query how much it is going to cost in your pocket. But if you hold about it, it has a quick link with your overall well-being. After you see your house initial clean, you will be happy you spent in deep cleaning services.

Cleaning Expert Dhaka, we try to enhance the spirit of our customers’ life. Our deep cleaning services will give you more available time to entertain in essential activities. You will take the time to enjoy yourself with your friends and family. Our cleaning assistance is customized to provide you with a better and more refreshed house environment. And, eventually, we will be gracing you with total peace of mind. 


Fresh indoor air – If your home is not washed regularly, you will find heaps of dust on the surfaces. For instance, you may find dust on top of your furniture. The concentrated dust pollutes the air in your home. It becomes into your lungs with the air you breathe. Our in-depth cleaning assistance removes the dust and keeps the indoor air fresh.

Reduced costs – Over time, deep cleaning will allow a more profuse life to your furniture, floors, and paints. All your belongings will be in good health for an extended time.

Allergy-free spaces – In most of the situations, distinct types of diseases result from gathering dust. Deep cleaning your home will eliminate dust and keep you and your loved ones guarded against allergies.

Lift your mood – Everyone likes to dwell in a clean environment. You might have noticed you are more happy and productive when your house is clean and tidy. So, you and your family members will enjoy living in a clean and hygienic home.

There are particular services we offer:

  • Association for Light Housekeeping: Managing routine tasks, light housekeeping, washing, light meal product, purchasing, and organizing.
  • Deep Cleaning: Fridge, stove, oven, microwave, reachable spaces, floors, lights, walls, and windows & bathrooms.
  • Home Suite Home Coordination of Transitions: Accompaniment to observe and find the new home, markets, setting up security, change of address, purchasing of new things, and protection of valuables if needed.
    • Move-In/Set-Up: Unpacking and helping to create and set up the new home.
    • Move-Out Preparations: Decluttering, packing, sorting, selling, move out cleaning, and discarding and/or donating.
  • General Household Maintenance: Decluttering, distributing, ordering drawers, cabinets, shelves, and furniture.
  • Perilous/Medical Cleaning: Animal and/or personal life waste, including indulgence.

Cost of Home Cleaning Services

  • 800 to 1200 square feet: 5000tk
  • 1200 to 1600 square feet: 6000tk
  • 1600 to 2000 square feet: 7000tk
  • 2000 to 2500 square feet: 9000tk